How to optimise your virtual environment

virtual environment
This webinar covers:

  • How to deploy a new virtual machine
  • The best place to deploy a new application in your environment
  • Ways to resolve application problems quickly
  • Easy steps to ensure compliance
  • How to forecast for the future
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Azure with Ansible Tower Webinar


Infrastructure-as-code (IAC) is the hottest deployment and management approach since DevOps hit the scene for IT departments. IAC has revolutionized operations, transforming how modern organizations build, ship, and run applications on any infrastructure. Microsoft Azure and Ansible Tower provide the functions and integrations to make your automated cloud deployments sing.
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vSphere 7 Best Practices

This webinar is for VMware customers and partners, who sell, use, deploy, configure, and manage vSphere systems on a daily basis, and are interested to hear and learn about new features and best practices of using the rich feature set of VMware vSphere 7.X.
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It’s Time to Adjust! Why Virtualization is Making Employee Engagement Drastically More Complex

A 2020 Gartner survey of finance executives reported that nearly 75% planned to make some of their workforce remote until 2021. Now, with the alarming rise in COVID cases being reported each day, the virtualization of America’s workforce may be extended well into 2021 and beyond, or become a permanent workforce strategy for many companies.
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Webinar: Container Security Shifts Left to Get it Right – Real-World Lessons


Containers have become the preferred application development and deployment platform for new applications in both enterprises and service providers. In addition, companies are also looking to repackage and deploy existing applications within container environments. However, one of the most common concerns brought up by CIOs, CSOs and infrastructure technologists alike, is that of potentially reduced security – especially when compared to VM platforms. The reality is quite different. Containers can be a vehicle for improving data center and application security, but it does take putting in the right processes and laying the right foundation.
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