How to optimise your virtual environment

virtual environment
This webinar covers:

  • How to deploy a new virtual machine
  • The best place to deploy a new application in your environment
  • Ways to resolve application problems quickly
  • Easy steps to ensure compliance
  • How to forecast for the future
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Enable Secure Remote Work Using Windows Virtual Desktop

Come learn what’s new with Windows Virtual Desktop and how you can use it for remote work. Rapidly deploy virtual desktops and apps with Windows 10 and Windows Server on Azure. Use key partner solutions such as Citrix Cloud and VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. Help improve security for remote work using built-in Azure and Microsoft 365 security features and management policies.
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The Differences Between Cloud and Hosted ERP and Why They Matter

Industry Week

Cloud ERP systems have gained rapid market acceptance, and many traditional ERP vendors are responding with hosted versions of their on-premises systems. While hosted ERP delivers some benefits, potential buyers should understand how they differ from cloud ERP systems so they can make an informed decision.
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Delivering enterprise-class VDI with up to 50% less cloud spend – and immediate ROI

There is a global paradigm shift from how desktops are being delivered to employees. While VDI was once a relatively minor workload deployed as a temporary fix to user problems, VDI has now become a mainstream tier one workload. However, VDI can be complex, time consuming and hard. Further complicating things is the of VDI workloads to a public-cloud hosted environment. So how do you ensure that your IT staff is able to manage your VDI environment for your global remote on any cloud, easily, without breaking the bank? NetApp and MicroWorks have the answer.
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Veeam and AWS avengers:Data portability universe


Join Veeam® for a series of global webinars about Veeam’s partnership with AWS! Throughout February and March 2019, Andrew Zhelezko, Anthony Spiteri and David Hill will host a series of webinars covering all sorts of information about the AWS cloud, Veeam cloud tier and Veeam Availability for AWS. In a world where organizations desperately want to avoid lock-ins, data portability is critical to maintain speed and control over the environment. To do this, you can leverage the AWS cloud as an additional location for your hybrid data center or as on-demand recovery site. There’s no need to build or maintain a costly physical recovery site — you can backup anything anywhere and restore directly to AWS.
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