Radically Accelerate VMware Workspace ONE App Delivery

VMware Workspace
VMware Workspace ONE administrators have a network challenge. Delivering and updating Win32 applications rapidly across the enterprise is crucial for security, but you must avoid excessive internet downloads and ensure no impact to other network traffic.

In this webinar, you’ll see how Adaptiva OneSite VMware Edition’s proven peer-to-peer platform shrinks Workspace ONE downloads and network traffic by orders of magnitude, dramatically boosting delivery speeds.
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PlayStation VR is finally here, and it's by far the easiest and most accessible way to get into virtual reality gaming. Tech reporter Matt Weinberger got his hands on the PSVR and took an in-depth look at what makes it so great.


Achieving pci dss compliance for the microsoft cloud using 5nine cloud security

5 Nine

Current PCI DSS standards require organizations to maintain a secure network, protect cardholder data, implement strong access control measures, maintain a vulnerability management program, create information security policies, and regularly monitor and test networks. Strong internal security policies for on-premise, hybrid, and cloud environments and compliance with these standards help to prevent credit card fraud and data breaches while increasing trust between you and your customers.
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Streamline IP address and DNS operations with Infoblox and VMware


VMware and Infoblox have teamed up to eliminate the manual processes and custom scripts. Join Neeraj and Tony for this live webinar and learn how to optimize your VMware Cloud and NSX deployments by leveraging IP address and DNS provisioning as part of your automation and orchestration workflows.
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The future of virtualization

Red Hat

Virtualization is here to stay. That much is clear. But, we’ve all seen the rise of cloud-native applications running in containers, and with that the rise of Kubernetes as the preeminent container orchestration platform. As an open source technology for container deployment, management, and orchestration, Kubernetes becomes the de facto standard and is gaining momentum in adoption. Join this webinar to learn how virtualization is evolving. We’ll explore:The relationship between containers and virtual machines (VMs)—today and into the future. Kubernetes as the de facto standard for container deployment, management, and orchestration.
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Data Warehouse Modernization using Data Virtualization

The challenges with data warehouse modernization projects. How Data Virtualization can minimize the impact and lessen the risk of these projects. How Vancouver Coastal Health use Data Virtualization in their data warehouse modernization project.
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