Self Service Analytics enabled by Data Virtualization from Denodo

Data Virtualization
Self-service Analytics BI is often quoted by many - ie, allow users to discover and access data without having to ask IT to create a data mart, or by allowing users to directly export/copy the data from the data sources themselves into their analytics tools and systems. The challenge is not just to provide access to the data – even from Excel this can be done - but to do this in real time without creating processing overhead, while getting trusted data, with the best response time possible, in a managed, governed and secure way in order for these users to trust the output of the analysis.

Data Virtualization provides a data access platform that allows users to access the data they need from multiple data sources, when they need it, and with the best possible response time. In addition, a Data Marketplace built on top of this proven technology enables Self Service Analytics by exposing consistent and governed data sets to be discovered by users, providing the trusted foundation for a successful Self-Service Analytics initiative.
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Now that a high-performance remoting solution for Mac is here, your creative and executive teams can access their Mac from anywhere. Just think about all the ways this could help optimize and secure your organization’s workflows.
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Join Ericom's VP of Customer Success, Mendy Newman, as he shares insights on how IT staff can provide secure remote access to mission critical resources from any device — without the need to install or configure any client software or plug-ins.
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Simplify Oracle Virtualization without Licensing Issues


If you run Oracle, you are likely contending with challenges with the increasing size and complexity of your database environments. In order to simplify operations, many enterprises are implementing virtualization technologies like VMWare. But difficulties still persist relative to the lack of granularity and performance overhead of heavily virtualized Oracle environments. In addition, how can you intelligently manage cost reduction associated with software licensing when using virtualization?
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Ihs infonetics and guest panel service models critical to sdn and nfv automation


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