The Strivr Immersive Learning Platform: What it is and how it works

Virtual Reality
As more enterprises adopt Virtual Reality training as a viable learning methodology, the questions we always get are about how this will fit with current learning programs and how to enable adoption.

That’s why today’s top enterprises, from Walmart to Verizon to JetBlue, have adopted Strivr’s Immersive Learning Platform. We’ve built the only solution that is intelligently designed to make VR easy, scalable, and measurable for your business.

Join our interactive webinar with Strivr’s product experts to learn everything there is to know about our Immersive Learning Platform. 

In the webinar, we’ll answer these questions and more:

  • What is Strivr’s Immersive Learning Platform?
  • How can it help your enterprise scale VR and show impact?
  • How are Strivr customers breaking through data barriers to prove results?
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Find out how KVM and container virtualization differs and how each can be used to create a flexible virtualization solution for any business environment.


vSphere 5.5 end of support by VMware: Get your data ready


Since VMware vSphere 5.5 is now no longer supported, what happens if you are still running this in production? What are the other options you have? In this episode, join us along with a special guest from VMware, Christopher Morrow, as we discuss through the following:How to upgrade your options to vSphere 6.5 or 6.7.Management changes in the newer releases.
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Agile application delivery trio testing, data and environments


The advance of automation, virtualization and cloud technology has enabled faster software development than we’ve ever known. So why do so many companies ultimately fail to realize lasting improvements in the delivery speed and quality of new software? Simply repeating our old ways of equipping development and test teams in the cloud with more infrastructure can generate initial gains, but without coordination it falls flat. Join Orasi, Delphix and Skytap for this high value webinar, and learn about collaborative techniques for making development and test automation plans sing, by running in sync with just-in-time virtual data and virtual environments that closely resemble production.
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Breaching the External Network Security Perimeter

Network security device vendors have done a good job of preventing or minimizing external attacks on enterprise network infrastructure by adding a range of capabilities to their products, such as access control, IPS, VPN, DLP, antivirus, and other threat prevention measures.
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Digital Transformation with APM 4.0


Register to watch the on-demand webinar to discover how Industry 4.0 and Asset Performance Management solutions including predictive maintenance, mobility, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) empower companies to Improve asset performance over the entire asset lifecycle.
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