Why Choose Between Virtualization and Real-Time When You Can Actually Have Both

Today's solutions go beyond legacy hypervisor approaches, achieving the highest levels of freedom from interference (FFI), Functional Safety (FuSa), and the best multi-core performance in the embedded market. eSOL explained how to provide the best aspects of virtualization and real-time operating-system performance with the latest development tools in this webinar.
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Desktop Virtualization Everything you Ever Wanted to Know

The global pandemic has very well changed the very DNA of our work culture. As more and more organizations make the shift to cloud, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is ushering in a work from home -friendly scenario. While this is making the lives of many IT admins easier, with the reduced dependencies on infrastructure.
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Self healing AWS Cloud Security and Compliance Best Practices

Cloudnosys Inc

Want to how to build a solid cloud security self healing system for your AWS and Azure cloud, then check out this webinar. Meant for Cloud Security Managers and Architect. We covered automation, CIS, NIST and other frameworks with remediation.
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Simplify Oracle Virtualization without Licensing Issues


If you run Oracle, you are likely contending with challenges with the increasing size and complexity of your database environments. In order to simplify operations, many enterprises are implementing virtualization technologies like VMWare. But difficulties still persist relative to the lack of granularity and performance overhead of heavily virtualized Oracle environments. In addition, how can you intelligently manage cost reduction associated with software licensing when using virtualization?
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The Networked Approach to Data Virtualization

In this session, we go through the fundamental differences between operational data virtualization and analytical virtualization, while demonstrating the Zetaris’ Networked Data Platform approach, and the optionality it provides, as an essential part of any successful data strategy in today’s big data world.
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