A Deeper Dive Into VMware Workspace ONE AirLift and Windows 10 Co-Management


The accelerating adoption of Windows 10 is enabling IT teams to take advantage of new modern management of desktops from the cloud that can dramatically reduce IT time and cost. With users off the network more than ever, many PC management tasks such as onboarding, patching and policies, software distribution, and compliance can be streamlined using a cloud-based approach.
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Find out how KVM and container virtualization differs and how each can be used to create a flexible virtualization solution for any business environment.


Vantage Virtualization


Virtualization trends of our customers Review of virtualization technology approaches Comparison of on-prem, public cloud, and SaaS Vantage phase 1 virtualization Future virtualization considerations Pricing options and challenges Q&A and open discussion.
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One Service To Rule Data Across the Cloud

Meeting cloud storage requirements can be a challenge, calling for effective ways to manage, orchestrate, and optimize data throughout its lifecycle and across platforms.
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The Next Big Thing in Networking & Security for the Multi-cloud Era


Join us to learn how VMware helps turn the IT security battle in favor of defenders with intrinsic security and see how VMware NSX delivers network infrastructure as code to support connectivity and security requirements of todays multi-cloud and telco environments. VMwares newest security solution combines firewalling and workload protection to lock down known good application behavior and reduce the organizations attack surface. NSX technology and VMwares Virtual Cloud Network vision are redefining what networking and security mean in the cloud era.
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New Virtual Machines that Improve Workload Performance

Watch this webinar to learn how to choose Azure virtual machines (VMs) that deliver the best performance at the right price points for your business. Discover how to take advantage of the new Azure VMs—based on the AMD EPYC™ family of processors—for several scenarios, including memory-intensive, remote visualization, and HPC workloads.
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