Accelerate and Simplify Cloud Migration with VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX)


As companies move to the public cloud to leverage modern, cloud-based infrastructures, the discussion often turns to “How do we get there?” For some companies, this single migration question can create an insurmountable roadblock that either keeps them from moving to the cloud or severely delays their migration.
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Onsite host Joe Zollo asks VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram and President Sumit Dhawan to break down the news coming out of VMware Explore Las Vegas.


Migrating your virtualization workloads to an OpenStack-based infrastructure

Broadcom is acquiring VMware. Now what? If your infrastructure runs on VMware, you need to answer that question. And for many, or even most companies, the answer is to find a “Plan B” for their virtualized workloads and private-cloud infrastructure. Maybe you plan to eventually migrate to a fully cloud native architecture on a public or hybrid cloud, but right now you have lots of traditional workloads you're not sure you can refactor as cloud-native applications -- at least right away.
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Accelerating Cloud Modernization with Data Virtualization With Sirius and Denodo

Creating a modern data platform that is designed to support your current and future needs is critical in a data-driven organization. Business leaders need to be able to quickly access data—and to trust the accuracy of that data—to make better decisions. One of the biggest obstacles that organizations face is poorly integrated data. Data virtualization can help by allowing you to gain a single view of your data without moving it.
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Lean Data and Application Integration using Data Virtualization

Data is increasingly becoming a crucial asset for organizations to survive in todays fast moving business world. In addition, data becomes more valuable if enriched and/or fused with other data. Unfortunately, enterprise data is dispersed by most organizations over numerous systems all using different technologies. To bring all that data together is and has always been a major technological challenge.
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The Death of Network Hardware Appliances – and the Evolution of Cloud-Native Architectures

When organizations need to protect their on-premises networks, IT departments typically turn to old, legacy hardware boxes. These hardware boxes are expensive, hard to manage, and slow. To complicate matters further, legacy approaches to connectivity (re: MPLS) and security (re: on-premises firewall and DDoS “scrubbing centers”) just don’t work for today’s distributed workforce and cloud-hosted applications
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