Accelerating Cloud Modernization with Data Virtualization With Sirius and Denodo

Creating a modern data platform that is designed to support your current and future needs is critical in a data-driven organization. Business leaders need to be able to quickly access data—and to trust the accuracy of that data—to make better decisions. One of the biggest obstacles that organizations face is poorly integrated data. Data virtualization can help by allowing you to gain a single view of your data without moving it.
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10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.


A Deeper Dive Into VMware Workspace ONE AirLift and Windows 10 Co-Management


The accelerating adoption of Windows 10 is enabling IT teams to take advantage of new modern management of desktops from the cloud that can dramatically reduce IT time and cost. With users off the network more than ever, many PC management tasks such as onboarding, patching and policies, software distribution, and compliance can be streamlined using a cloud-based approach.
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Edge Computing Vs Cloud Computing


Is the era of cloud computing coming to an end? experts predict that cloud computing is gradually making way for the next big thing: edge.nasscom product connect and simplilearn together present this live fireside chat on edge computing and how it stacks up against cloud. tune in to watch bernard golden, cloud computing expert and anand narayanan, chief product officer at simplilearn discuss this latest technology.
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Data Virtualization: Technology and Use Cases

Data is increasingly becoming a crucial asset for organizations to survive in todays fast moving business world. In addition, data becomes more valuable if enriched and/or fused with other data. Unfortunately, enterprise data is dispersed by most organizations over numerous systems all using different technologies. To bring all that data together is and has always been a major technological challenge.
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Virtual Boot Camp: VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

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Do you want to gain a competitive edge by learning how to sell and configure VMware solutions? If so, view these on-demand replays of Arrow’s recent VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure virtual boot camp. These two unique sessions offered the core knowledge you need for obtaining VMware HCI Sales and Pre-Sales Technical accreditations.
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