Advance Your AP Science Program with AR/VR

As schools examine resources to support the growth and improvement of AP courses in science, the use of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) has allowed students to do things that were previously dangerous, impossible, counterproductive, and expensive (DICE). Come explore the elements of DICE and how leveraging an AR/VR learning tool can not only provide these experiences but lead to improved exam scores.
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Webinar: Network Security in the 5G and IoT Environment

Sdxcentral LLC

There has been an increasing demand for 24×7 high-speed internet access globally. Currently, 42.1 billion IoT devices exist. By 2020, this number is expected to be 50.1 billion. 2020 is the beginning of a mass rollout of 5G networks. By 2025, leaders of the 5G market will be Asia (primarily China & Japan), Europe, and the United States. Can mobile service providers create a secure environment that protects customers’ data and devices in time for the launch of 5G?
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Managing VMware Environments with Thycotic Secret Server


In today’s world, virtualization is everywhere and it’s important to properly manage the privileged accounts. With Thycotic Secret Server you are able to find these privileged accounts in virtual environments and help your team manage, control and rotate those passwords. From ESXi to vCenter, learn how to get it all accessed and controlled from a single application while providing security and full auditing capabilities.
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Solve Downtime in the Cloud

Cloud Endure

Building your disaster recovery plan in the AWS cloud can be tricky when compared to on-premise methodologies.In this webinar, we provide an overview of cloud disaster recovery strategies for AWS that range from custom-built applications to market-ready solutions, such as CloudEndure.
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Closing IT Network Visibility Gaps Across The Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas businesses rely on data-driven insights, so why leave visibility gaps across your IT network? In your industry, even the smallest improvements could make a huge difference to your company’s profitability. So wouldn’t it pay to know what a difference you could be making with better visibility through the Riverbed SteelCentral platform?
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