Advanced VMware NSX Data Center: Demystifying the VTEP, MAC, and ARP Tables

The VMware NSX Controller cluster, which contains three NSX Controllers, builds and maintains a set of tables that suppress much of the broadcast traffic currently congesting your physical networks. The tables being maintained include the VTEP, MAC, and ARP tables. Have you ever wondered how these tables get populated, the content of these tables, and, more importantly, what would happen in the event of a complete loss of all three NSX Controllers? Well, look no further.
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An Introduction to Azure Virtual Desktop On-Demand Webinar

Azure Virtual Desktop (you may know it as ‘Windows Virtual Desktop') is a low cost and secure remote working solution, ideal for businesses looking to enable a remote or hybrid working environment for their staff. Join DSP-Explorer’s James Peck and Tech Data’s Sean Taylor for an overview of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), including a guided tour from the user's point of view!
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Azure Virtual Desktop: Delivering Remote Access-as-a-Service in a Quick, Secure, and Easily Managed Solution

Are you using Remote Desktop Services or Citrix? If so, you need to be looking at Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). Additionally, if you offer traditional VPN remote access, Azure Virtual Desktop can be a more secure alternative that you should consider. In this on-demand webinar, Interlink, one of the first Microsoft Partners in the country to achieve the Azure Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization, walk you through common Azure Virtual Desktop use cases, key design principles, and management and security benefits. Powered by the Azure Platform, AVD is a powerful new technology that enables organizations to provide desktop-as-a-service to end-users. Microsoft has streamlined the deployment and management of Azure Virtual Desktop in ways that make it a cost-effective and secure solution for your end-users and applications.
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Veeam Hyper-Availablity as a Service for Nutanix AHV


Veeam Availability for Nutanix AHV as a Service is purpose built with the Nutanix user in mind! Join this engaging discussion around the beneficial uses of Veeam in your virtual environment. The powerful web-based UI was specifically designed to look and feel like Prism Nutanix’s management solution for the Acropolis infrastructure stack while ensuring a streamlined and familiar user experience brought to life by TB Consulting.
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Nordic vFORUM Technical Insight Sessions

Register today for the recorded Nordic vFORUM Technical Insight Sessions in Finnish. You can watch them on-demand, in your own time. Below is a short description of each session.
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