Agile application delivery trio testing, data and environments


The advance of automation, virtualization and cloud technology has enabled faster software development than we’ve ever known. So why do so many companies ultimately fail to realize lasting improvements in the delivery speed and quality of new software? Simply repeating our old ways of equipping development and test teams in the cloud with more infrastructure can generate initial gains, but without coordination it falls flat. Join Orasi, Delphix and Skytap for this high value webinar, and learn about collaborative techniques for making development and test automation plans sing, by running in sync with just-in-time virtual data and virtual environments that closely resemble production.
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We just concluded VMware Explore, and we were so excited to introduce VMware Cloud Flex Storage. Here’s a recap of what was discussed.


Citrix and Microsoft: A Tale of Two Clouds


It was the best of times, it was the worst of time. As organizations of all sizes and professions embark on their cloud journey they may face many concerns on which cloud and what workloads to move to the cloud. This session will address that journey and how Citrix and Microsoft are poised to meet organizations wherever they are on the great cloud migration.
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Webinar: Container Security Shifts Left to Get it Right – Real-World Lessons


Containers have become the preferred application development and deployment platform for new applications in both enterprises and service providers. In addition, companies are also looking to repackage and deploy existing applications within container environments. However, one of the most common concerns brought up by CIOs, CSOs and infrastructure technologists alike, is that of potentially reduced security – especially when compared to VM platforms. The reality is quite different. Containers can be a vehicle for improving data center and application security, but it does take putting in the right processes and laying the right foundation.
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Mastering Azure Virtual Desktop: Webinar with Ryan Mangan

Azure Virtual Desktop is a cloud desktop virtualization platform that securely delivers virtual desktops and remote applications. It can be integrated with Parallels RAS® to deploy virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions in a secure, fast, and reliable cloud environment.
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Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure Webinar

Vista IT Group

Raja Roychoudhury, Head, Infrastructure Software Services at MindCraft, explains how IBM Cloud Private can be used to leverage on-premises private cloud infrastructure to run your cloud-ready application.
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