AppTemplate: Data-Centric Infrastructure from NetApp

There are more things engineers need to worry about than ever—infrastructure shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why NetApp has developed the AppTemplate service.
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Re Defining VPN with SASE and a Cloud-First Solution

In this webinar, you will learn about Aryaka’s new fully-managed remote worker offering that leverages a SASE-ready, Cloud-First WAN infrastructure to deliver on the user experience and flexibility required for today’s hybrid workplace. Join us live or on-demand.
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VR Collaboration Empowers Facility Design And Project Management

In this Recorded On-Demand Virtual Reality Training, attendees will get hands-on experience using VR Collaboration to empower facility design and project management. Participants will witness first-hand how VR collaboration reduces rework and keeps projects on schedule. This recorded on-demand workshop also gives an idea on use of virtual reality in project management. Attendees will also learn how to leverage as-built information to guide design changes during the Construction Phase. And how to leverage a digital model after project completion to facilitate virtual walkthroughs and Training Applications.
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How VMware NSX fits into VCF and the common reasons for adoption

NSX-T can enhance and simplify the data centre environment with network virtualisation, as well as deliver immediate benefits to the business workload level to prevent the lateral spread of threats, and, due to its true cloud hybridity, security rules follow applications and workloads even across multi-cloud environments.
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The Essential Role of IT in Ransomware Protection

Up until recently ransomware was exclusively the CISO’s concern. However, with the expansion of the digital footprint and the variety of data sources being used by organizations, the attack surface grew dramatically. The perimeter is never 100% protected and therefore I&O (Infrastructure and Operations) teams need to prepare and protect data as the last line of defense.
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