Best Practices for Deploying your New Hyper-V Infrastructure

Behind any successful implementation and go-live is a sequence of detailed steps and procedures that must be followed. Success in the first step relies largely on your ability to understand the complete scope of work and your objectives for the project in addition to your ability to implement effective strategies to manage and secure your virtualization investment.
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Now Is The Time To Accelerate VR Deployment Throughout The Enterprise

Watch this on-demand recorded webinar where Joe Strelow, President For AVL, shares his insights into the AVL corporate strategy to deploy Virtual Reality solutions throughout their enterprise global operations. AVL Is A Leading Supplier Of Test Equipment And related services to the global automotive and heavy duty industries. Joe discusses here AVL’s initial VR use cases of Design Review, factory acceptance, remote installation, remote support, and Remote Training. In addition, he also shares the company’s vision for VR implementation into the future.
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Data Virtualization using TIBCO Data Virtualization

TIBCO Software

Erik Fransen, founder, Connected Data Group, conducts this 30-minute webinar to discuss the basics of the Modern Data Architecture that centres around Data Virtualization that elegantly connects to and integrates existing data sources like big data platforms, data warehouses, custom applications and cloud sources, with less complexity and cost, faster access to analytic data. TIBCO is a market leader in DV and Erik shares his experience with implementing TIBCO DV in (large) organizations that want to create more business value out of the huge amounts of data available. Data that is often scattered, difficult to access and to understand.
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Closing IT Network Visibility Gaps Across The Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas businesses rely on data-driven insights, so why leave visibility gaps across your IT network? In your industry, even the smallest improvements could make a huge difference to your company’s profitability. So wouldn’t it pay to know what a difference you could be making with better visibility through the Riverbed SteelCentral platform?
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Desktop Virtualization: Delivering a Powerful Employee Experience, From Strategy to Production

Explore how Nexthink’s Desktop Virtualization initiative can empower IT teams with the control, visibility and actionable insight needed to successfully manage their virtualization lifecycle. By correlating technical metrics with employee sentiment data, Nexthink provides employee-centric visibility to measure, manage and improve employees’ virtualization experience.
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