Citrix and Microsoft: A Tale of Two Clouds

It was the best of times, it was the worst of time. As organizations of all sizes and professions embark on their cloud journey they may face many concerns on which cloud and what workloads to move to the cloud. This session will address that journey and how Citrix and Microsoft are poised to meet organizations wherever they are on the great cloud migration.
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Spot PC Demo: Enabling Cloud Desktops as a Service

Learn about Spot PC, the new solution that combines the expertise of the CloudJumper and NetApp remote desktop teams with Spot's cloud optimization technology to deliver a solution specifically designed for cloud desktops. Spot PC makes it easy to offer cloud desktops utilizing Windows 365 or Azure Virtual Desktops as a service. Mike Walsh, Senior Director of Product for Spot PC, will give you a tour of Spot PC and answer your questions.
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The Risks and Rewards of Expanded VPN Deployments

With the massive shift to work-from-home caused by COVID-19, many organizations rapidly deployed VPN and other remote access solutions to their workforces. These approaches present both rewards and risks to an organization’s overall security posture.
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Re-Defining VPN with SASE and a Cloud-First Solution

In this webinar, you will learn about Aryaka’s new fully-managed remote worker offering that leverages a SASE-ready, Cloud-First WAN infrastructure to deliver on the user experience and flexibility required for today’s hybrid workplace. Join us live or on-demand.
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Transforming Your Network Through Virtualization

Learn how and why service providers are using virtualization to transform their networks. This webinar will look at how providers are leveraging virtualization to create more flexible and agile networks while also providing a better customer experience. Expert speakers from netElastic and Heavy Reading will address the industry drivers for network virtualization, the benefits that can be realized, the challenges to face and the results of virtualization being achieved by providers today.
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