Colo, Cloud & Connectivity Trends in the Northeast


The founders of Data Center Frontier and datacenterHawk joined us to share their research in market trends and the individual characteristics of the New York, New Jersey and Boston markets, as well as answer pertinent questions at the end. The discussion was hosted and moderated by our very own Martin Triplett, Director of Global Product Management at Digital Realty.
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10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.


Uncovering the Manufacturing Security Risks in Today’s Hybrid Working and Industry 4.0

Managing cyber risk is now a business imperative for manufacturing organizations to enjoy the benefits of Industry 4.0 and/or the move to long term hybrid working without falling victim to debilitating, expensive and public cyberattacks. As sophisticated threats including ransomware gangs and state-sponsored actors identify manufacturing as a preferred target, manufacturers struggle to respond to this threat with their current security tools and practices.
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Migrating your virtualization workloads to an OpenStack-based infrastructure

Broadcom is acquiring VMware. Now what? If your infrastructure runs on VMware, you need to answer that question. And for many, or even most companies, the answer is to find a “Plan B” for their virtualized workloads and private-cloud infrastructure. Maybe you plan to eventually migrate to a fully cloud native architecture on a public or hybrid cloud, but right now you have lots of traditional workloads you're not sure you can refactor as cloud-native applications -- at least right away.
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Data Warehouse Modernization using Data Virtualization

The challenges with data warehouse modernization projects. How Data Virtualization can minimize the impact and lessen the risk of these projects. How Vancouver Coastal Health use Data Virtualization in their data warehouse modernization project.
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vSAN 7.0 – Modernize Your Infrastructure for the Cloud

Following VMware Cloud Foundation, we will then explore the latest VMware vSAN concepts and functionality. Not only will we explore real-world use cases, we’ll also debunk common misconceptions and myths surrounding the technology. Learn why 50% of Fortune 2000 customers have deployed vSAN 7.0.
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