Creating Complete Test Environments in the Cloud

By utilizing virtualization technology in the SDLC, specifically service virtualization and virtual dev/test labs, companies can increase test coverage in less time and ultimately produce better software faster.Download this complimentary webinar from Skytap and Parasoft now and learn how to to combine service virtualization with cloud-based dev/test environments.
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Security on a tight Budget

Do you need to invest in better security for your organization without overspending? Keeping your company compliant and secure should be a top priority. Have you been holding back on updating your security solutions with the fear of going over budget? Are you looking for ways to cut costs while still getting the best security has to offer? This webinar can help! In this on-demand event, you’ll hear an in-depth discussion on best security recommendations on a budget while exploring Microsoft's new, money-saving security and compliance bundles. Interlink also shows you how to ensure your business is safe, secure and compliant without breaking the bank. Plus, you’ll get recommendations on solutions that help you stay current and protected from security threats, all while on a tight budget.
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Optimizing Citrix VDI for the Enterprise Cloud with Nutanix and eG Innovations


From pilot to production, eg enterprise enables comprehensive, end-to-end monitoring of citrix vdi. with its industry-leading enterprise cloud platform, nutanix elevates it by making the hyper-converged infrastructure invisible and empowering organizations to focus on what matters most application performance.together, nutanix and eg innovations offer a fully validated, hypervisor-agnostic platform designed to optimize the deployment, management, and scale of citrix vdi environments. the goal? to avoid performance degradation and deliver the best user experience.
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Assuring Performance in Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem

eG innovations

In the digital age, quality of service (QOS) and user experience are the keys to competitive advantage. With the rapid adoption of hybrid clouds, assuring the performance of applications running in hybrid cloud ecosystems has become business-critical. The reality is that the explosion of new cloud-based IT services may not simplify performance management. In fact, since clouds are operating models the heterogeneous nature of hybrid and multi-cloud deployments makes performance management even more challenging.
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VMware Learning Zone: New Features for Learners


Increase your VMW skills at your own pace with personalized VMware Learning Zone (VLZ) Learning Paths, technical classes taught by VMware Certified instructors, and insights from fellow learners in our VLZ communities. This will be a hands-on demo of new features and resources such as prerequisite ICM on-demand classes as well as exam prep content, all now available in VLZ to help you develop your product expertise or prepare for your VMware certification exam.
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