Data Virtualization: An Essential Component of a Cloud Data Lake

Data Lake strategies seem to have found their perfect companion in cloud providers. After years of criticism and struggles in the on-prem Hadoop world, data lakes are flourishing thanks to the simplification in management and low storage prices provided by SaaS vendors. For some, this is the ultimate data strategy. For others, just a repetition of the same mistakes. 
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Data Protection’s Role in Cloud Migration and IT Modernization


IT leaders looking for flexibility and cost savings may be surprised to learn data protection has a role in both cloud migrations and IT modernization efforts. Combine the goals of your cloud data migration, IT modernization initiative and data protection plans and you can potentially move more data as well as run more applications in the cloud.
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Infrastructure as Code: Terraform for VMware Practitioners


Join Turbonomic’s Technology Evangelist, Eric Wright as he explores how you can make the most out of an Infrastructure-as-Code approach using Terraform. Hear real customer experiences from the field which will speed up the success in your journey to adopting better IT Ops provisioning practices.
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How Zero Trust Enables Work from Anywhere and Builds Towards a SASE Vision

During the recent Cyber Security Digital Summit virtual event, Andy de Clerck, Teneo’s Chief Technology Officer, and Tony Lauro, Akamai’s Director of Security Technology & Strategy presented their session, How Zero Trust Enables Work from Anywhere and Builds towards a SASE Vision. The session is now available on demand.
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A Successful Journey to the Cloud with Data Virtualization

A shift to the cloud is a common element of any current data strategy. However, a successful transition to the cloud is not easy and can take years. It comes with security challenges, changes in downstream and upstream applications, and new ways to operate and deploy software. An abstraction layer that decouples data access from storage and processing can be a key element to enable a smooth journey to the cloud.
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