Desktop Virtualization: Delivering a Powerful Employee Experience, From Strategy to Production

Explore how Nexthink’s Desktop Virtualization initiative can empower IT teams with the control, visibility and actionable insight needed to successfully manage their virtualization lifecycle. By correlating technical metrics with employee sentiment data, Nexthink provides employee-centric visibility to measure, manage and improve employees’ virtualization experience.
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Modernize your network to meet the demands of modern workloads

The evolution of networks has seen a shift from legacy, proprietary technologies that are hardware-bound to modern, open technologies that are software-driven. As seen with the rapid adoption of server virtualization throughout data centers, today’s organizations are embracing the disaggregated approach of software-defined networking that bring enhanced efficiency, agility and security. Our vision for the network is open. In this session, explore Dell Technologies broadest open networking portfolios - spanning both hardware and software. The industry has recognized us for leadership in opening up the network through disaggregation of networking hardware and software, providing customers choice based on their unique needs.
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Cloud Academy Deep Dive: Measuring Skill Profiles and Analytics


While anyone can offer their team cloud training through a set of curriculum, the real challenge is being able to tie learning back to potential business results. With technology constantly changing, organizations need to find ways to assess the capabilities of their teams while discovering how to best train them for upcoming projects. Our end-to-end analytics and skill assessment platform provides senior leadership and corporate learning departments the needed visibility to take a quantified, data-driven approach to understanding organizational capabilities, including identifying skills gaps, addressing training opportunities, and performing ongoing assessments to measure competency.
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Streamline Compliance on AWS with Allgress and Dome9


Business requirements and regulations are always evolving making it a constant challenge to meet compliance, corporate standards, and partner requirements - especially in the cloud. It can be a struggle to identify what solutions you currently have in place vs. what you need to implement to meet your organizations objectives. What is needed are cloud-native products that provide an easy way to map and automate compliance to help mitigate risk.
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Parallel In-Memory Processing and Data Virtualization Redefine Analytics Architectures

The tide is changing for analytics architectures. Traditional approaches, from the data warehouse to the data lake, implicitly assume that all relevant data can be stored in a single, centralized repository. But this approach is slow and expensive, and sometimes not even feasible, because some data sources are too big to be replicated, and data is often too distributed such as those found in cloud data sources to make a “full centralization” strategy successful.
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