Digital Transformation The Emergence Of Edge And The Convergence Of OT & IT

The era of Edge Computing is bridging the gaps between IT and OT by collecting, managing, and analyzing data used across the organization to increase efficiencies. While the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smart manufacturing drove the first wave of industrial innovation, digital transformation the application of a technology-centric business focus is the next imperative.
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Virtual Accelerator: Empowering your virtualization infrastructure capabilities

Enterprises and Communication Service Providers have made the move to virtualization to accelerate the deployment of new network services and remove the constraints of hardware-based appliances. In this webinar, we showcased how 6WIND, with its Virtual Accelerator product, empowers the virtualization infrastructure capabilities and efficiency by boosting overall performance, reducing latency, and optimizing the virtualization resource usage.
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Intelligent Manufacturing with Nutanix Xi IoT


Industry 4.0 has begun -- are you poised for success in the new era? Industry 4.0 is powered by IoT devices, sensors, and web-enabled applications that can process streams of manufacturing data right on the shop floor. IoT represents a computing paradigm shift from the centralized cloud model to the decentralized edge computing model.
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MSP Voice Webinar Series #3: VMRacks HIPAA Compliant Cloud Recording

CloudBerry Lab

On Tuesday, January 22, 2019, I hosted Gil Vidals from VMRacks to talk about their HIPAA Compliant Cloud. VMRacks isn’t a vendor offering MSPs a place to host but rather a MSP themselves.Gil gave some great insight into how they got started as well as how they’ve setup security for their hosting business. Some of their security measures a secret but you still get a good idea of why it’s important to have multiple layers in your cloud deployments. VMRacks is able offer a great value because they use a lot of open source software.
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Managing Data at Scale in VMware and Hybrid Cloud Environment


With more and more data being generated by organizations, it's increasingly important to manage and protect data at scale, across the edge, core data centers, and cloud environments. As applications and data are becoming more distributed a modern approach to data management is needed.
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