Digital Transformation Using Virtualization and Container Software Solutions


Whether your company is building equipment and devices for manufacturing, energy, medical, transportation or another segment, you are experiencing a dramatic technology shift as the world is going through a Digital Transformation. Two software technologies are helping to bring digital transformation to the design and building of the latest generation of equipment and devices Virtualization of equipment systems and the use of Linux application system containers.
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Onsite host Joe Zollo asks VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram and President Sumit Dhawan to break down the news coming out of VMware Explore Las Vegas.


Self-Service Analytics with Guard Rails

Self-service BI promises to remove the bottleneck that exists between IT and business users. The truth is, if data is handed over to a wide range of data consumers without proper guardrails in place, it can result in data anarchy.
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Aruba Panel Talks SD-WAN Security Advantages

As hybrid workplaces become more normalized, organizations in every industry must adjust to the unique demands of a post-pandemic world. A major concern companies are navigating is keeping remote teams connected and secure while not disrupting day-to-day operations or compromising the customer experience.
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5 Ways VMware SD-WAN Enables Network Transformation


Traditional WAN was built with the assumption that all applications would be hosted at a centralized on-premises data center. In this model, traffic forwarding was based on destination IP. Enterprises today are migrating slowly but steadily to cloud-based applications, either in the form of IaaS or SaaS.
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A Deeper Dive Into VMware Workspace ONE AirLift and Windows 10 Co-Management


The accelerating adoption of Windows 10 is enabling IT teams to take advantage of new modern management of desktops from the cloud that can dramatically reduce IT time and cost. With users off the network more than ever, many PC management tasks such as onboarding, patching and policies, software distribution, and compliance can be streamlined using a cloud-based approach.
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