Edge Computing Vs Cloud Computing


Is the era of cloud computing coming to an end? experts predict that cloud computing is gradually making way for the next big thing: edge.nasscom product connect and simplilearn together present this live fireside chat on edge computing and how it stacks up against cloud. tune in to watch bernard golden, cloud computing expert and anand narayanan, chief product officer at simplilearn discuss this latest technology.
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10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.


The Strivr Immersive Learning Platform: What it is and how it works

As more enterprises adopt Virtual Reality training as a viable learning methodology, the questions we always get are about how this will fit with current learning programs and how to enable adoption. That’s why today’s top enterprises, from Walmart to Verizon to JetBlue, have adopted Strivr’s Immersive Learning Platform. We’ve built the only solution that is intelligently designed to make VR easy, scalable, and measurable for your business. Join our interactive webinar with Strivr’s product experts to learn everything there is to know about our Immersive Learning Platform. In the webinar, we’ll answer these questions and more: What is Strivr’s Immersive Learning Platform? How can it help your enterprise scale VR and show impact? How are Strivr customers breaking through data barriers to prove results?
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Performance Assurance for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization with eG Innovations

eG innovations

Join this webinar to learn how you can build performance assurance into your Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization infrastructure from the start to ensure exceptional performance and user experience, and dramatically simplify and accelerate troubleshooting. Before service performance impacts user productivity and the success of your virtualization initiative, learn how to proactively manage it so you can Manage the performance of the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization server and desktop platforms – including the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization hypervisor, datastores, virtual networks and Virtual Machines.
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NSX-T Data Center: how it differs from NSX-V and what you need to know


This webinar will take you through the main differences between VMware NSX-T Data Center and NSX-V, why you should consider NSX-T Data Center and the difference in processes you’ll need to follow. It will also outline our newly updated Install, Configure, Manage course which aligns to a new certification exam being released soon.
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Self Service Analytics enabled by Data Virtualization from Denodo

Self-service Analytics BI is often quoted by many - ie, allow users to discover and access data without having to ask IT to create a data mart, or by allowing users to directly export/copy the data from the data sources themselves into their analytics tools and systems. The challenge is not just to provide access to the data – even from Excel this can be done - but to do this in real time without creating processing overhead, while getting trusted data, with the best response time possible, in a managed, governed and secure way in order for these users to trust the output of the analysis. Data Virtualization provides a data access platform that allows users to access the data they need from multiple data sources, when they need it, and with the best possible response time. In addition, a Data Marketplace built on top of this proven technology enables Self Service Analytics by exposing consistent and governed data sets to be discovered by users, providing the trusted foundation for a successful Self-Service Analytics initiative.
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