Enable Secure Remote Work Using Windows Virtual Desktop

Come learn what’s new with Windows Virtual Desktop and how you can use it for remote work. Rapidly deploy virtual desktops and apps with Windows 10 and Windows Server on Azure. Use key partner solutions such as Citrix Cloud and VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. Help improve security for remote work using built-in Azure and Microsoft 365 security features and management policies.
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10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.


Mware Cloud Briefing


Don’t miss VMware’s global, online event, VMware Cloud Briefing, streaming to your device Tuesday, June 4 at 8 AM PT. With key insights from VMware CEO, Pat Gelsinger, and leading industry visionaries, we’re sharing our insider’s look into the forces shaping the cloud today, to help you build a more powerful digital architecture tomorrow.
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Modernizing the Infrastructure with VMware and NVIDIA

In order to support the company digital transformation, we need a new infrastructure to support these, which includes cloud-native, GPU-optimized containers, models, and industry-ready software development kits. Combining the above results is an Al-ready platform that can execute all enterprise applications such as virtual machines, containers, Kubernetes and Al, and a set of jobs, tools and processes for all applications to greatly expand Al range of applications while simplifying work.
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How Data Virtualization Enables Data Scientists


Data science requires vast amounts of data. And that too from multiple sources. Data virtualization integrates the data across these disparate sources and provides a unified view of the data to data science algorithms. With it, data scientists can deliver important answers to business questions that enable the business users to perform their functions efficiently.
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Closing IT Network Visibility Gaps Across The Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas businesses rely on data-driven insights, so why leave visibility gaps across your IT network? In your industry, even the smallest improvements could make a huge difference to your company’s profitability. So wouldn’t it pay to know what a difference you could be making with better visibility through the Riverbed SteelCentral platform?
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