Enabling Self-Service Analytics with Logical Data Warehouse

What makes data scientists happy? Of course data. They want it fast and flexible, and they want to do it themselves. But most classic data warehouses (DW) and data lakes are not easy to deal with for agile data access. A more practical solution is the logical data warehouse (LDW), which has shown to be a more agile foundation for delivering and transforming data and makes it easy to quickly plug in new data sources.
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Storage Virtualization Is Dead or Long Live Storage Virtualization

Is Storage Virtualization dead? In this WebTech presentation, we review the role of storage virtualization across all data types and deployment methods. We also reexamine the role of virtualization in cloud-based IT for greater mobility, agility and data access. Attend this webcast to:Learn how storage virtualization has evolved into the cloud era.
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VMware Cloud Webinar


With a focus on ‘Consistent Infrastructure’ and ‘Consistent Operations’, learn how the VMware Cloud suite of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions can empower your IT teams and your business to work faster and smarter.
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Engage Students with Special Needs in Computer Science and Math Using AR/VR

Each state is beginning to adopt standards for computer science and digital fluency. Have you considered the implication for your students with special needs? We’d like to partner with you to get ahead of the curve and look at the opportunity that these standards provide through the lens of special education.
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Running Datastax enterprise in VMware Cloud and Hybrid Environments


To simplify deploying and managing modern applications, enterprises have been combining the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) with the performance and scale of a NoSQL database—and the results have been remarkable.With this combination, IT organizations have experienced more agility, improved reliability, and better application performance.In this exciting new webinar, you’ll learn specifically how VMware HCI with DataStax Enterprise (DSE) and Apache Cassandra™ are transforming the enterprise.
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