How Data Virtualization Enables Data Scientists

Data science requires vast amounts of data. And that too from multiple sources. Data virtualization integrates the data across these disparate sources and provides a unified view of the data to data science algorithms. With it, data scientists can deliver important answers to business questions that enable the business users to perform their functions efficiently.
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VMware Webcast: Kubernetes—Lessons and Ideas from the Past, Present and Future

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Kubernetes and Cloud-Native infrastructure is shaping the IT department today and in the future. Hear first-hand from Craig McLuckie, co-creator of Kubernetes and VMware’s VP of R&D for Cloud-Native, on why VMware is betting big on Kubernetes, the fastest growing open source effort of all time. Learn the history of Kubernetes directly from one of the creators and explore how companies are using Kubernetes (70% enterprise adoption rate). Also, Craig will discuss the future of K8s, so you can prepare for your future too.
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Continuous Compliance and DevSecOps in Times of GDPR, HIPAA and SOX

Developers, operators, and corporate executives all agree that compliance with security and regulatory requirements is critical, but many find that enforcing security through manual scans and “best efforts” at the end of the cycle wastes staff time and adds days or weeks to the release schedule. Once the required environments are built, tested, and certified, today’s customer-centric product owners are already longing to push out the next set of changes, absorbing even more of IT Operations’ time to scramble for security and compliance solutions.
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How To Drive Hybrid Cloud Success With VMware Cloud On AWS

Cloud Health

Organizations are shifting to a service-oriented IT model to meet the demands for faster innovation. To do this, IT teams are modernizing their existing infrastructure by extending or migrating to public clouds. With this modernization comes challenges, including the struggle for IT teams to accelerate cloud deployment while maintaining operational consistency and maximizing existing resource investments.
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Navigating the Complexities of Government Wi-Fi Networks

Between navigating the complexities of government policies and processes, or various agencies and departments, designing networks in the government sector can be challenging. Multiple types of environments — from large campuses, government departments, or secure facilities — all need high-performing Wi-Fi. In addition, you may have a need for robust network security and flexibility — both are needed when you have a large percentage of geographically dispersed workers. This makes understanding and defining your network requirements critical to a successful deployment.
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