How To Drive Hybrid Cloud Success With VMware Cloud On AWS

Organizations are shifting to a service-oriented IT model to meet the demands for faster innovation. To do this, IT teams are modernizing their existing infrastructure by extending or migrating to public clouds. With this modernization comes challenges, including the struggle for IT teams to accelerate cloud deployment while maintaining operational consistency and maximizing existing resource investments.
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Living on the Edge - New techniques for protecting data in the Era of IIoT


The “Things” of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will show their true value when actionable business intelligence information can be pulled from the data they provide. However, current analytics products are only the tip of the iceberg. As the future approaches, next generation analytics and artificial intelligence technologies will support data and real time decision making at the point of production.
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Modernize Your Data Center Through Open Source – Tools and Techniques


As recently as a decade ago, virtually every data center was proprietary and engineers saw no other alternative. The open networking movement had yet to make a strong foothold. It was in this environment that Cumulus Networks was founded, with a mission to allow companies to leverage any software and hardware needed to accelerate this business.
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Discover the value of Azure VMware Solution (AVS) that TCS can unlock for your organization

We know that organizations continue to rely on VMware and Microsoft solutions in their data centers. After years of investing in the technologies and skillsets required to operate and manage them, in some cases, it may not be economically viable to modernize legacy application even if one could benefit from the scale and flexibility of a cloud native model.
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Test Drive Live: Virtual Bootcamp with Moda Health

As a Healthcare Insurance provider, Moda Health relies on Nutanix to effortlessly help manage their storage and virtualization within their private cloud. Drew Plaster is a Senior Network Systems Administrator at Moda Health and will share Moda Health’s journey to Nutanix.
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