How to Overcome the Four Obstacles to VDI Love

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) promises ‘IT utopia’ by eliminating one of the biggest operational costs in the enterprise, supporting end-user desktops. But to reach this nirvana two major requirements need to be met. First, the cost per virtual desktop has to be attractive compared to the price of the physical desktops they’re replacing, both infrastructure costs and operational costs. Second, and potentially more challenging, is that users have to accept the thought of losing their own personal desktop, putting the pressure on IT to deliver a better experience.
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WEBINAR: Predictions 2019: Cloud Computing


Enterprises are no longer putting off modernization of core business applications. New database, edge, internet-of-things, and artificial intelligence services will drive a surge in cloud spending as companies use them to modernize their most crucial business apps. Many companies will decide when to leverage platform-as-a-service (PaaS) — and when to design for neutrality.
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New Virtual Machines that Improve Workload Performance

Watch this webinar to learn how to choose Azure virtual machines (VMs) that deliver the best performance at the right price points for your business. Discover how to take advantage of the new Azure VMs—based on the AMD EPYC™ family of processors—for several scenarios, including memory-intensive, remote visualization, and HPC workloads.
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Multi-Cloud Strategy and High Value Workloads: VMware Software and Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure Systems


Developing a cloud strategy is a top issue for infrastructure and operations leaders. But success isn’t about choosing between private or public clouds, it’s about simultaneously leveraging both. To thrive in this multi-cloud world, you can adopt new hybrid cloud solutions for a common operating model across these diverse environments. This will yield all the practical benefits of cloud, while assuring that every workload, especially high-value mission critical workloads, get the specific services they need.
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Veeam Hyper-Availablity as a Service for Nutanix AHV


Veeam Availability for Nutanix AHV as a Service is purpose built with the Nutanix user in mind! Join this engaging discussion around the beneficial uses of Veeam in your virtual environment. The powerful web-based UI was specifically designed to look and feel like Prism Nutanix’s management solution for the Acropolis infrastructure stack while ensuring a streamlined and familiar user experience brought to life by TB Consulting.
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