Ihs infonetics and guest panel service models critical to sdn and nfv automation


The major carrier goals for SDN and NFV are service agility and automation removing manual processes from their service and network operations, from customer order to network reconfiguration to SLA enforcement. Join thought leaders for this webinar.
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10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.


UDS Enterprise 2.2.1


The UDS Enterprise Team organized past Tuesday 19th March the Webinar Whats new in UDS Enterprise 2.2.1 VDI connection broker to showcase the new features added to the latest version of this software for virtualization of Windows and Linux desktops and applications. In the session, a comprehensive technical demo of the important improvements introduced in UDS Enterprise 2.2.1 was performed. All the recommended steps and configurations were shown to manage and deploy virtual desktops and applications hosted in Microsoft Azure.
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Managing VMware Environments with Thycotic Secret Server


In today’s world, virtualization is everywhere and it’s important to properly manage the privileged accounts. With Thycotic Secret Server you are able to find these privileged accounts in virtual environments and help your team manage, control and rotate those passwords. From ESXi to vCenter, learn how to get it all accessed and controlled from a single application while providing security and full auditing capabilities.
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Webinar: Multi-Site Data Center Unification and Preparing for Edge Compute


In spite of the clear success of the hyperscale public cloud providers, many organizations – due to cost, control, refactoring complexity and data sovereignty issues – are choosing to host many workloads with regional cloud service providers (CSP), in colocation/interconnection facilities or to simply keep workloads on-premise. These data center operators, whether xSP or enterprise, typically already manage multiple data centers today. With the growth of IoT and edge compute on the horizon, they need to prepare to deploy and manage 10’s if not 100’s of mini- and micro-data centers in the future.
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VPNs: New to the Endangered Species List?

While remote work may be at an all-time high, so is the scrutiny of corporate VPNs. SD-WAN services get all the network design attention, SAAS services get all the application platform attention, and a variety of cloud platforms are leading the way for file storage platforms. Once a bastion of network security, VPN scaling and security requires extensive planning and management.
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