Introducing TIBCO Data Virtualization 8

Ten times faster, TIBCO Data Virtualization 8 sets the standard for big data scale data virtualization with unique and significant advancements in scalability, performance, and workload management.Watch this webinar to hear about the exciting new features in the upcoming release of TIBCO Data Virtualization. Learn about the new massively parallel processing engine (MPP) that enables big data scale workloads, federating queries across data lakes, data marts, and your enterprise data warehouse. Other exciting new features include granular workload management, new data adapters, and developer productivity enhancements for ease of use.
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Monetize Digital Transformation Through a Disruptive End User Visibility Offering


Managed Service Providers using legacy Application and Network Performance Monitoring solutions are facing the challenges of the new IT paradigm. The inescapable evolution to virtualization, cloudification, SDN and container-based architectures are making MSPs services difficult to sell, build and run. Time to set-up and time to insight becomes longer and without agility and the ability to adapt. Current solutions require deep expertise but lack flexibility and comprehensive visibility across all layers and all applications that are required for fast root-cause analysis.
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It’s Time to Adjust! Why Virtualization is Making Employee Engagement Drastically More Complex

A 2020 Gartner survey of finance executives reported that nearly 75% planned to make some of their workforce remote until 2021. Now, with the alarming rise in COVID cases being reported each day, the virtualization of America’s workforce may be extended well into 2021 and beyond, or become a permanent workforce strategy for many companies.
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Automating the Creation and Use of Virtual Testing Environments


Balancing needed testing against the spiraling costs of the required infrastructure and challenges with the deployment of your code can be a real obstacle to even the best development and quality management teams. But with a little strategy and the right tools, it’s fairly easy to overcome these obstacles to delivering better software faster.
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Zero in on VPN Alternatives

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have been the quick and easy solution to remote connectivity, by extending private networks across the public internet. While Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), built on the “never trust, always verify” fundamentals of Zero Trust, helps to secure remote access to corporate applications by only giving users the access they need. So, is ZTNA better suited for remote access than VPN?
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