Lean Data and Application Integration using Data Virtualization


Data is increasingly becoming a crucial asset for organizations to survive in todays fast moving business world. In addition, data becomes more valuable if enriched and/or fused with other data. Unfortunately, enterprise data is dispersed by most organizations over numerous systems all using different technologies. To bring all that data together is and has always been a major technological challenge.
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10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.


Storage Virtualization Is Dead or Long Live Storage Virtualization

Is Storage Virtualization dead? In this WebTech presentation, we review the role of storage virtualization across all data types and deployment methods. We also reexamine the role of virtualization in cloud-based IT for greater mobility, agility and data access. Attend this webcast to:Learn how storage virtualization has evolved into the cloud era.
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Accelerating Cloud Modernization with Data Virtualization With Sirius and Denodo

Creating a modern data platform that is designed to support your current and future needs is critical in a data-driven organization. Business leaders need to be able to quickly access data—and to trust the accuracy of that data—to make better decisions. One of the biggest obstacles that organizations face is poorly integrated data. Data virtualization can help by allowing you to gain a single view of your data without moving it.
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The 7 Secrets to Performance Management of Virtualized Environments

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Whether you virtualize desktops or critical business applications, the dynamics and complexities of virtualized environments can cause significant performance and user experience issues that can diminish the benefits of virtualization and risk interruption of critical business processes. The toughest performance problems are the ones where users call and complain that "my application is slow". IT administrators often struggle to determine the root-cause of the problem and restore service levels: Is it the application server?
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VMware Cloud on AWS – Technical Deep dive


Following up from the ‘Making Hybrid Cloud Real’ webinar where we talked about VMware Cloud on AWS Overview, we will be taking our discussion to the next level by discussing the AWS VPC and Endpoint configurations, Elastic DRS, Multi-AZ Stretched deployments, and more. Come learn how the VMware Cloud on AWS offering meets the needs of your business and gives you a competitive advantage over traditional on-premises and public cloud environments.
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