Monitoring for VMware: Taking Data Protection to New Levels

A healthy virtual infrastructure is the foundation of business continuity for small businesses as well as large corporations. Realizing this, organizations are increasingly investing time and resources into monitoring to ensure business continuity. However, to reap the benefits of monitoring, it is important to integrate it with your data protection strategy.
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VMware Security

As ransomware attackers continue to become more aggressive, your organization needs the right security tactics to keep your data and employees safe. Join Insight and VMWare for an on-demand security webinar where you will learn how to detect, prevent and eradicate these attacks before they become destructive.
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Telco Cloud: Drive Innovation, Success, and Profitability in the 5G Era


Networks by leveraging Digital transformation is the new imperative. CSPs worldwide are on a journey to cloudify their software-defined platforms that provide agility and efficiency, streamline operations, expand revenue opportunities, and support advanced technologies like 5G and network functions virtualization (NFV).
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How VMware VSAN can reduce costs and simplify your VM Storage


This webinars covers everything you need to know about planning, purchasing, and implementing Hyperconverged setups with VMware VSAN. It’s no longer out of your reach! If you’re interested in VMware’s VSAN technology, this is the webinar for you.
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Big Insights from Your Big Data using Data Virtualization

Data lakes have grown to be a popular architecture that enables modern analytics and data science. However, complete replication of all corporate data into giant data lakes is unfeasible. Data volumes are too high, and replication to multiple systems creates brittle point-to-point connections. Out-of-synch data and uncontrolled replication leads to “data swamp” scenarios. On top of the physical data lake, a logical approach is more feasible: a logical layer that connects different systems.
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