Mware Cloud Briefing

Don’t miss VMware’s global, online event, VMware Cloud Briefing, streaming to your device Tuesday, June 4 at 8 AM PT. With key insights from VMware CEO, Pat Gelsinger, and leading industry visionaries, we’re sharing our insider’s look into the forces shaping the cloud today, to help you build a more powerful digital architecture tomorrow.
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Migrating your virtualization workloads to an OpenStack based infrastructure

Broadcom is acquiring VMware. Now what? If your infrastructure runs on VMware, you need to answer that question. And for many, or even most companies, the answer is to find a “Plan B” for their virtualized workloads and private-cloud infrastructure. Maybe you plan to eventually migrate to a fully cloud native architecture on a public or hybrid cloud, but right now you have lots of traditional workloads you're not sure you can refactor as cloud-native applications -- at least right away.
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Delivering a Consumer Simple, Enterprise Secure Email Experience with VMware Boxer


VMware Boxer delivers instant mobile access to corporate email, calendar, contacts and more, while upholding security and compliance standards. In this webinar, get a glimpse into the solution architecture, deep dive into the security capabilities.
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Big Data Analytics with 'Spark': The New Poster boy of Big Data

"Data is the new science. Big Data holds the answers." - Pat Gelsinger, the CEO of VMware, Inc. Organizations use their data to support and influence decisions and build data-intensive products and services, such as recommendation, prediction, and diagnostic systems. Apache Spark is a fast and general engine for large-scale data processing ,built around speed, ease of use, and sophisticated analytics. It was originally developed at UC Berkeley in 2009.Spark is a good fit for the Hadoop open-source community as its built on top of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).
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How Virtualization Protects Your High-Value Assets


Networks and devices will keep getting compromised. You need a strategy to protect your most critical applications and assets.Bromium Protected App protects your high-value assets (HVAs) against compromised devices.On October 23, 2018, analysts from voke, Inc. and Bromium will discuss how organizations can use Bromium Protected App as a practical way to separate sensitive applications and data from risky systems, while still giving employees the access they need.
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