Now Is The Time To Accelerate VR Deployment Throughout The Enterprise

VR Deployment
Watch this on-demand recorded webinar where Joe Strelow, President For AVL, shares his insights into the AVL corporate strategy to deploy Virtual Reality solutions throughout their enterprise global operations.

AVL Is A Leading Supplier Of Test Equipment And related services to the global automotive and heavy duty industries.

Joe discusses here AVL’s initial VR use cases of Design Review, factory acceptance, remote installation, remote support, and Remote Training. In addition, he also shares the company’s vision for VR implementation into the future.
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Exploring the World of Antenna Visualizations Part 1

Whether you use fixed internal antennas for your office refresh, external antennas for high density deployments, or anything in between, make sure you understand the role antennas play in your design. This knowledge will help ensure your design meets the requirements, leading to a better user experience, and improved performance of devices while on your network.
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ThinLinc Linux Remote Desktop ServerTechnical Deep Dive - On-Demand Webinar

Join this IGEL Community Webinar for a deep dive in to the ThinLinc Linux Remote Desktop Server solution. You will be able to ask any question. We can answer anything ranging from installation questions and features to implementation details and development plans.In this webinar, we’ll cover:
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Combat Zombie VMs and Reduce VM Sprawl in Your Datacenter

5 Nine

Inability to control VM growth in your datacenter due to VM sprawl can result in security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks and potential revenue loss. And without the right combination of tools, techniques, and know-how, Zombie VMs virtual machines that were previously created for a specific purpose but presently do not have a clear-cut utility) could potentially hurt your entire infrastructure.
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Endpoint Security with VMware's Carbon Black Cloud

Attendees will learn about our current endpoint security platform, the Carbon Black Cloud, and our vision with VMware. We will give a high level overview of our intrinsic security vision, as well as the different solutions in our current platform. From there Bailey, our engineer, will walk through a quick demonstration of the platform focusing on the endpoint standard piece which is our next-generation antivirus and EDR solution.
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