Optimizing Citrix VDI for the Enterprise Cloud with Nutanix and eG Innovations


From pilot to production, eg enterprise enables comprehensive, end-to-end monitoring of citrix vdi. with its industry-leading enterprise cloud platform, nutanix elevates it by making the hyper-converged infrastructure invisible and empowering organizations to focus on what matters most application performance.together, nutanix and eg innovations offer a fully validated, hypervisor-agnostic platform designed to optimize the deployment, management, and scale of citrix vdi environments. the goal? to avoid performance degradation and deliver the best user experience.
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Lenovo is a GOLD sponsor at #VMwareExplore 2023 Singapore! Uma Thana Balasingam and Sumir Bhatia sat down to discuss VMware and Lenovo’s long-standing partnership and their excitement of helping customers transform from the edge to the cloud!


Citrix and Microsoft: A Tale of Two Clouds


It was the best of times, it was the worst of time. As organizations of all sizes and professions embark on their cloud journey they may face many concerns on which cloud and what workloads to move to the cloud. This session will address that journey and how Citrix and Microsoft are poised to meet organizations wherever they are on the great cloud migration.
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Using NetApp Trident with Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Provisioning Kubernetes Persistent Volumes


From running multiple microservices across a cluster of machines to load balancing, service discovery, and more, Kubernetes is now the choice for container orchestration. But managing the cloud resources, specifically the persistent volumes that Kubernetes requires for storage, is up to the user.Watch the On-Demand webinar that will show you the full benefits of provisioning persistent volumes for Kubernetes using NetApp’s Trident and Cloud Volumes ONTAP.
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Simplify and Accelerate SQL Server Migration to Azure


Migrating data and applications to the cloud are highly iterative and require repeated test cycles and rapid provisioning to ensure business continuity and smooth operations. Thousands of organizations are faced with the upcoming SQL Server 2008 end of service in July 2019 and have an immediate need to upgrade or migrate while maintaining data security without affecting their business-critical operations. Watch Delphix and Microsoft discuss best practices on accelerating and simplifying data movement, as well as transformative data migration and management in Azure.
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Beyond SDN: How Intent is Changing How We Network

Software-defined networking (SDN) has defined networking for the past ten years. It's been hugely influential: helping network engineers achieve much needed improvements in automation, agility and efficiency. SDN has its limits, and it's now time to look beyond SDN and day 0 and day 1 automation and into a future that continually aligns the network and business intent.
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