Practical Advice for Prioritizing the Care and Feeding of your Virtualization Environment


Whether you’ve recently virtualized or you’re newly responsible for your virtualization environment, you may have found your new world to be complicated. So where do you start when it comes to troubleshooting? And where should you focus if you want to reclaim resources and find some savings? This webinar will share some practical, actionable advice on how to understand the current state of your systems, how to troubleshoot faster when issues come up, and where to look when it’s time to optimize. We’ll also show you how to visualize virtualization in the context of the rest of your IT infrastructure.
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10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.


Remoting 101: How to Remote Your Mac

Now that a high-performance remoting solution for Mac is here, your creative and executive teams can access their Mac from anywhere. Just think about all the ways this could help optimize and secure your organization’s workflows.
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Closing IT Network Visibility Gaps Across The Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas businesses rely on data-driven insights, so why leave visibility gaps across your IT network? In your industry, even the smallest improvements could make a huge difference to your company’s profitability. So wouldn’t it pay to know what a difference you could be making with better visibility through the Riverbed SteelCentral platform?
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Data Virtualization: An Essential Component of a Cloud Data Lake

Data Lake strategies seem to have found their perfect companion in cloud providers. After years of criticism and struggles in the on-prem Hadoop world, data lakes are flourishing thanks to the simplification in management and low storage prices provided by SaaS vendors. For some, this is the ultimate data strategy. For others, just a repetition of the same mistakes.
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The Next Big Thing in Networking & Security for the Multi-cloud Era


Join us to learn how VMware helps turn the IT security battle in favor of defenders with intrinsic security and see how VMware NSX delivers network infrastructure as code to support connectivity and security requirements of todays multi-cloud and telco environments. VMwares newest security solution combines firewalling and workload protection to lock down known good application behavior and reduce the organizations attack surface. NSX technology and VMwares Virtual Cloud Network vision are redefining what networking and security mean in the cloud era.
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