Radically Accelerate VMware Workspace ONE App Delivery

VMware Workspace
VMware Workspace ONE administrators have a network challenge. Delivering and updating Win32 applications rapidly across the enterprise is crucial for security, but you must avoid excessive internet downloads and ensure no impact to other network traffic.

In this webinar, you’ll see how Adaptiva OneSite VMware Edition’s proven peer-to-peer platform shrinks Workspace ONE downloads and network traffic by orders of magnitude, dramatically boosting delivery speeds.
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ROI and Economic Value of Data Virtualization

Gartner has predicted that organizations using Data Virtualization will spend 40% less on data integration than those using traditional technologies. Denodo customers have experienced time-to-deliver improvements of up to 90% within their data provisioning processes and cost savings of 50% or more. Join us for this webinar to discover how Data Virtualization can help accelerate your time-to-value from data while reducing the costs at the same time. As Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.) said in the movie 'Jerry Maguire', "Show me the money!"
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Future of Virtualization Webinar Series: Benchmarking the State of Virtualization

The Future of Virtualization project is an effort backed by the world's most important communications technology suppliers to create and deliver a single authoritative source for the entire virtualization ecosystem. This webinar will focus on the three indexes developed for the Future of Virtualization initiative – the Virtualized Deployment Index, the Virtualized Planning Index and the Virtualized Spending Index.
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Edge Computing Vs Cloud Computing


Is the era of cloud computing coming to an end? experts predict that cloud computing is gradually making way for the next big thing: edge.nasscom product connect and simplilearn together present this live fireside chat on edge computing and how it stacks up against cloud. tune in to watch bernard golden, cloud computing expert and anand narayanan, chief product officer at simplilearn discuss this latest technology.
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Deep Dive into vRealize Operations Capacity Management


You use vRealize Operations for all of your capacity management needs trending, watching for shortages, cost, planning, etc.. Ever wonder how it all works or what everything in the UI means? In this session, we will talk about capacity planning, settings, and metrics so you can better understand how you can get the most out of it We will specifically focus on the latest releases and show how upgrading to the latest version can help you with your capacity planning needs. We will show you all the bells and whistles, share best practices and proven techniques, and in the end our experts will be available for Q&A session, so please come prepared with your questions.
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