Remote Access & VPN Risks in the New Cybersecurity Scenario

With most employees working from home amid today’s COVID-19 outbreak, VPN and remote access to enterprise resources have drastically increased. This is a huge challenge for the IT and security departments as many security experts believe that the current VPN deployments are designed for a small percentage of employees of the organizations and not for the overwhelming number of teleworkers who now need to access them repeatedly throughout the workday.
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Turning Wi-Fi Requirements into Wireless Designs

Gathering requirements and being able to translate those requirements into a design is the foundation for a high-performing wireless network. This process can be very complex, and is only as good as the data you collect. There are always additional considerations that need to be factored in: the size of the physical location, the environment, performance expectations, network infrastructure, building age, and construction material.
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Service Virtualization: Unlock the Power of Data Driven Virtual Services

Service Virtualization is a powerful testing tool that lets you simulate data and performance characteristics to mimic your APIs or other applications. Join Broadcom Software, Service Virtualization leaders - Andrew Gates and Beverly Mindle - as they share how data driven virtual services can simplify your environment and support your testing needs.
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WEBINAR: Predictions 2019: Cloud Computing


Enterprises are no longer putting off modernization of core business applications. New database, edge, internet-of-things, and artificial intelligence services will drive a surge in cloud spending as companies use them to modernize their most crucial business apps. Many companies will decide when to leverage platform-as-a-service (PaaS) — and when to design for neutrality.
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Practical Advice for Prioritizing the Care and Feeding of your Virtualization Environment


Whether you’ve recently virtualized or you’re newly responsible for your virtualization environment, you may have found your new world to be complicated. So where do you start when it comes to troubleshooting? And where should you focus if you want to reclaim resources and find some savings? This webinar will share some practical, actionable advice on how to understand the current state of your systems, how to troubleshoot faster when issues come up, and where to look when it’s time to optimize. We’ll also show you how to visualize virtualization in the context of the rest of your IT infrastructure.
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