ROI and Economic Value of Data Virtualization

Gartner has predicted that organizations using Data Virtualization will spend 40% less on data integration than those using traditional technologies. Denodo customers have experienced time-to-deliver improvements of up to 90% within their data provisioning processes and cost savings of 50% or more. Join us for this webinar to discover how Data Virtualization can help accelerate your time-to-value from data while reducing the costs at the same time. As Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.) said in the movie 'Jerry Maguire', "Show me the money!"
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How to Increase the Probability of a VNF Working with Your Cloud, presented by Mirantis & Metaswitch


NFV experts discuss how to create a model for VNF validation that helps ensure compatibility with your specific cloud. for a webinar on VNF validation and how to make sure that that VNF you want to use will actually work with your cloud, and you can view the replay here.
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Implementing Governance and Compliance in a Multi-Account, Multi-Region Scenario


Maintaining structured compliance and governance in the cloud can be challenging. Join us to learn how AWS Config can help you track changes to the configuration of your AWS resources and check for compliance with best practices and policies. Learn about the AWS Config multi-account, multi-Region data aggregation capability.
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How Zero Trust Enables Work from Anywhere and Builds Towards a SASE Vision

During the recent Cyber Security Digital Summit virtual event, Andy de Clerck, Teneo’s Chief Technology Officer, and Tony Lauro, Akamai’s Director of Security Technology & Strategy presented their session, How Zero Trust Enables Work from Anywhere and Builds towards a SASE Vision. The session is now available on demand.
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The future of virtualization

Red Hat

Virtualization is here to stay. That much is clear. But, we’ve all seen the rise of cloud-native applications running in containers, and with that the rise of Kubernetes as the preeminent container orchestration platform. As an open source technology for container deployment, management, and orchestration, Kubernetes becomes the de facto standard and is gaining momentum in adoption. Join this webinar to learn how virtualization is evolving. We’ll explore:The relationship between containers and virtual machines (VMs)—today and into the future. Kubernetes as the de facto standard for container deployment, management, and orchestration.
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