Running Datastax enterprise in VMware Cloud and Hybrid Environments


To simplify deploying and managing modern applications, enterprises have been combining the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) with the performance and scale of a NoSQL database—and the results have been remarkable.With this combination, IT organizations have experienced more agility, improved reliability, and better application performance.In this exciting new webinar, you’ll learn specifically how VMware HCI with DataStax Enterprise (DSE) and Apache Cassandra™ are transforming the enterprise.
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Find out how KVM and container virtualization differs and how each can be used to create a flexible virtualization solution for any business environment.


Advance Your AP Science Program with AR/VR

As schools examine resources to support the growth and improvement of AP courses in science, the use of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) has allowed students to do things that were previously dangerous, impossible, counterproductive, and expensive (DICE). Come explore the elements of DICE and how leveraging an AR/VR learning tool can not only provide these experiences but lead to improved exam scores.
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Security Hardening for Containerized Deployments across Multi-Clouds

In this webinar, we will examine how to add robust cryptography to the containerized applications that process sensitive data. Our expert speakers will describe how certified cryptographic capabilities -including key generation, digital signing, and data encryption - can be built-in within containerized applications, using hardware security modules (HSMs) to enhance security and facilitate auditing and regulatory compliance.
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Live Hack: VPN vs. Zero Trust Network Access

VPNs are risky and clunky, which frustrate users and cause admin complexity. This outdated VPN – used by many organizations for routing Work from Home employees and 3rd Party traffic – is easily hackable and has become a growing favorite for cybercriminals to exploit, which, if successful, could allow them full access to your entire corporate network. This demo showcases how and where VPNs fail us and why the Appgate SDP Zero Trust Network Access platform offers a superior approach. Live Hack Topics Include: – VPN Exposed Ports vs. ZTNA Invisible Ports – VPN Lateral Attack Surface vs. ZTNA Micro-segmented Resources – VPN Scale Limitations vs. ZTNA Elasticity
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New Virtual Machines that Improve Workload Performance

Watch this webinar to learn how to choose Azure virtual machines (VMs) that deliver the best performance at the right price points for your business. Discover how to take advantage of the new Azure VMs—based on the AMD EPYC™ family of processors—for several scenarios, including memory-intensive, remote visualization, and HPC workloads.
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