Simplify Oracle Virtualization without Licensing Issues

If you run Oracle, you are likely contending with challenges with the increasing size and complexity of your database environments. In order to simplify operations, many enterprises are implementing virtualization technologies like VMWare. But difficulties still persist relative to the lack of granularity and performance overhead of heavily virtualized Oracle environments. In addition, how can you intelligently manage cost reduction associated with software licensing when using virtualization?
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VMware Horizon outperforms Citrix in Principled Technologies report

As worker demand for remote and hybrid work steadily increases, organizations are doubling down on efforts to build and manage an intrinsically secure and scalable infrastructure that lets employees work from anywhere. Therefore, more and more companies are relying on desktop and app virtualization to keep business moving forward.
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Telco Cloud: Drive Innovation, Success, and Profitability in the 5G Era


Networks by leveraging Digital transformation is the new imperative. CSPs worldwide are on a journey to cloudify their software-defined platforms that provide agility and efficiency, streamline operations, expand revenue opportunities, and support advanced technologies like 5G and network functions virtualization (NFV).
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Cybersecurity Insurance

We are seeing more and more occurrences of ransomware and an increase of the damage being done - like the recent Colonial Pipeline attack. As a result, Cybersecurity Insurance providers are tightening their requirements and costs at renewal time. This is causing a perfect storm for many organizations. This on-demand webinar covers the new requirements we’re seeing. We also discuss options to utilize Microsoft technologies, which you may already own, to meet those requirements and help keep your organization safe through reduced risk.
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Webinar: Virtualizing Next-Generation Access Beyond SD-WAN


Virtualizing next-generation access is about more than SD-WAN. It’s about enabling the next generation of virtualized network functions. While other vendors sell a single SD-WAN appliance, Dell EMC and ADVA have formally partnered to offer more than 50 commercial VNFs (Virtual Network Functions). These VNF are hosted on Dell EMC’s innovative Virtual Edge Platform, which is a universal CPE.
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