Stay Ahead of the Pack with Data Virtualization in the Cloud

Digital transformation is no longer a jargon and businesses are enabling better, faster decisions by rightly connecting and combining their data across on-premises and Cloud, including real time data. Explore the endless possibilities of how data virtualization can help drive success in this fast-paced, ever-growing complex data landscape.
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Introducing jaspersoft advanced data services: data Virtualization at scale


TIBCO has a new, best-in-class data virtualization tool, TIBCO Jaspersoft® Advanced Data Services. This new service can have a big impact on performance—particularly in scenarios that involve combining three or more data sources or accessing high volumes of data. It is also capable of performing complex joins and data transformations that aren’t possible in Jaspersoft® Domains. Join our customer-exclusive webinar for an introduction to Jaspersoft Advanced Data Services, its use cases, and how it compares to existing Jaspersoft data integration options.
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How to Exit Your Datacenter and Modernize VMware Workloads on AWS

Join this webinar to learn how to move from your on-premises architecture to the cloud, while retaining a familiar VMware interface with minimized disruption and new capabilities like disaster recovery. Also hear from Zak Murad, Managing Director, S&P Global Ratings, as he shares their migration experience.
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Understanding Wireless Network Validation and Data Gathering

Performing a survey is a key component of successfully validating a wireless network design or troubleshooting and managing your network. Surveys help you determine if your design will meet the network requirements, or help diagnose a problem. Whether you are performing an indoor or outdoor survey, there are different strategies and approaches. However, in all scenarios, you have to start with the right tools. The right tools help you survey faster and easier, allowing you to get accurate and reliable data for your network. What tools are you using? What do your survey results say?
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VMware Cloud Webinar


With a focus on ‘Consistent Infrastructure’ and ‘Consistent Operations’, learn how the VMware Cloud suite of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions can empower your IT teams and your business to work faster and smarter.
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