Stay Ahead of the Pack with Data Virtualization in the Cloud

Digital transformation is no longer a jargon and businesses are enabling better, faster decisions by rightly connecting and combining their data across on-premises and Cloud, including real time data. Explore the endless possibilities of how data virtualization can help drive success in this fast-paced, ever-growing complex data landscape.
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10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.


Azure Virtual Desktop – Use Cases, Tech-Specs and Tips & Tricks

With Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop platform, companies can securely outsource all their hardware and data centers, provide Windows desktops to workers anywhere, and leverage Azure’s scalable pay-what-you-use pricing model.
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Storage Strategies for VMware Cloud on AWS


Zadara is zero-risk enterprise cloud storage. We help organizations eliminate the technical, operational and financial risks associated with enterprise data storage, by providing industry-leading enterprise data storage solutions as a fully-managed service, with a 100%-uptime guarantee and consumption-based pricing. Zadara uses a combination of industry-standard hardware and patented Zadara software to deliver the power of enterprise-class data storage and management — with the convenience of the cloud. Any data type.
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Virtualization for Business Users with Denodo's Data Catalog

A successful data virtualization initiative bridges the gap between two very different perspectives of data management: IT and business. However, most of the emphasis in these initiatives is put on the IT side, modeling, performance, security, etc. Business users are often left with a large library of data sets, hard to use and navigate.
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Agile application delivery trio testing, data and environments


The advance of automation, virtualization and cloud technology has enabled faster software development than we’ve ever known. So why do so many companies ultimately fail to realize lasting improvements in the delivery speed and quality of new software? Simply repeating our old ways of equipping development and test teams in the cloud with more infrastructure can generate initial gains, but without coordination it falls flat. Join Orasi, Delphix and Skytap for this high value webinar, and learn about collaborative techniques for making development and test automation plans sing, by running in sync with just-in-time virtual data and virtual environments that closely resemble production.
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