Telco Cloud: Drive Innovation, Success, and Profitability in the 5G Era

Networks by leveraging Digital transformation is the new imperative. CSPs worldwide are on a journey to cloudify their software-defined platforms that provide agility and efficiency, streamline operations, expand revenue opportunities, and support advanced technologies like 5G and network functions virtualization (NFV).
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5G and SDN Laying the Software-Defined Foundations for 5G Networks


5G and the applications it enables, including IoT, requires a significant upgrade and overhaul of carrier infrastructure beyond the radio networks (RAN). To support the diversity of applications, explosion in number and types of devices, capacity and scale of traffic, CSPs (communications service providers) are turning to adoption of data center innovation adapted and re-developed for telco networks. Virtualization, software-defined controls, distributed computing technologies in the form of NFV, SDN and MEC play key roles in the new telco infrastructure. One of the key technologies is SDN, which is important to creating flexibility in the network to support 5G constructs such as network slicing. SDN’s centralized management and distributed controls over complex software-defined networks across the mobile infrastructure is also a key element in 5G scalability.
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Integration Challenges of Software Defined and Virtualized Enterprise Networking


As Service Providers rush to deploy SD-WAN and NFV services to their enterprise customers, they are typically picking a couple of different CPE platforms, VNFs and SD-WAN partners to work with. This has created challenges to integrate solutions and other services with their chosen CPE. As they look to increase the number of virtualized network functions in their portfolios they face increasing integration challenges.
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Esports, Coding, & AR/VR: The Gateway to Future Careers and Opportunities

Inspire future careers through the use of academic esports, coding, and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR)! Discover best practices for creating learning environments that foster creativity, play, and coding mindsets - utilizing AR/VR to demonstrate and explain complex concepts.
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VMware Webcast: Kubernetes—Lessons and Ideas from the Past, Present and Future

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Kubernetes and Cloud-Native infrastructure is shaping the IT department today and in the future. Hear first-hand from Craig McLuckie, co-creator of Kubernetes and VMware’s VP of R&D for Cloud-Native, on why VMware is betting big on Kubernetes, the fastest growing open source effort of all time. Learn the history of Kubernetes directly from one of the creators and explore how companies are using Kubernetes (70% enterprise adoption rate). Also, Craig will discuss the future of K8s, so you can prepare for your future too.
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