The Death of Network Hardware Appliances – and the Evolution of Cloud-Native Architectures

When organizations need to protect their on-premises networks, IT departments typically turn to old, legacy hardware boxes. These hardware boxes are expensive, hard to manage, and slow. To complicate matters further, legacy approaches to connectivity (re: MPLS) and security (re: on-premises firewall and DDoS “scrubbing centers”) just don’t work for today’s distributed workforce and cloud-hosted applications
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Meet Evolving Data Center Needs While Lowering Your Carbon Footprint and Bottom Line.


Discover How to Decommission Your DR Data Center & Reduce TCO

Cloud Endure

As companies grow, they often find that maintaining a secondary data center for disaster recovery (DR) is no longer a cost-effective strategy.CGS, a global business applications, enterprise learning, and outsourcing services company, recently decided to decommission their secondary facility and shift their DR strategy to AWS.
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Webinar – Vantage Virtualization


This webinar will take a deeper dive into the virtualization discussion launched at the sales meeting. Virtualization trends of our customers,Review of virtualization technology approaches.Comparison of on-prem, public cloud, and SaaS,Vantage phase 1 virtualization.
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BIAS & Solara Cloud Webinar: Accelerate Business Transformation with Oracle ERP & EPM Cloud

BIAS Corporation

Featured BIAS customer, Solara Services, spoke to their Cloud journey and how BIAS provided Solara with a platform for growth across ERP and EPM Cloud with a single, integrated, source of truth. Watch the webinar replay now.
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The Essential Role of IT in Ransomware Protection

Up until recently ransomware was exclusively the CISO’s concern. However, with the expansion of the digital footprint and the variety of data sources being used by organizations, the attack surface grew dramatically. The perimeter is never 100% protected and therefore I&O (Infrastructure and Operations) teams need to prepare and protect data as the last line of defense.
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