The Evolution of Trial Virtualization and its Impact on Clinical Supplies

Trial Virtualization
The state of clinical supplies is changing rapidly as we see trials moving towards virtualization. The impact, logistics and strategy to account for these changes and challenges are what we explore on this webinar that face sponsors, sites, depots, CROs and particularly patients. Whether you are currently supporting trial virtualization or will in the future, clinical supply managers and trial clinical study teams will learn how to adapt for this evolving paradigm shift.
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Modern security architecture (MSA) is becoming a necessity for enterprises to remain competitive in the digital age. Unfortunately, many companies still spend significant resources on securing outdated legacy systems instead of literally modernizing their operations with MSA.


Webinar: Virtualizing Next-Generation Access Beyond SD-WAN


Virtualizing next-generation access is about more than SD-WAN. It’s about enabling the next generation of virtualized network functions. While other vendors sell a single SD-WAN appliance, Dell EMC and ADVA have formally partnered to offer more than 50 commercial VNFs (Virtual Network Functions). These VNF are hosted on Dell EMC’s innovative Virtual Edge Platform, which is a universal CPE.
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Vantage Virtualization


Virtualization trends of our customers Review of virtualization technology approaches Comparison of on-prem, public cloud, and SaaS Vantage phase 1 virtualization Future virtualization considerations Pricing options and challenges Q&A and open discussion.
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Desktop Virtualization Everything you Ever Wanted to Know

The global pandemic has very well changed the very DNA of our work culture. As more and more organizations make the shift to cloud, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is ushering in a work from home -friendly scenario. While this is making the lives of many IT admins easier, with the reduced dependencies on infrastructure.
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Big Insights from Your Big Data using Data Virtualization

Data lakes have grown to be a popular architecture that enables modern analytics and data science. However, complete replication of all corporate data into giant data lakes is unfeasible. Data volumes are too high, and replication to multiple systems creates brittle point-to-point connections. Out-of-synch data and uncontrolled replication leads to “data swamp” scenarios. On top of the physical data lake, a logical approach is more feasible: a logical layer that connects different systems.
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