The Importance Of Edge Computing In Industrial Transformation


Based on a recent LNS Research survey of manufacturing executives, this session offers a closer look at edge computing and defines the evolution that is taking place. Watch the webinar to learn how next-generation solutions can help industries execute on the new opportunities offered by transformation at the edge.
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Find out how KVM and container virtualization differs and how each can be used to create a flexible virtualization solution for any business environment.


Innovative Data Strategies for Advanced Analytics Solutions and the Role of Data Virtualization


Data is fueling a new digital economy and compelling companies to rapidly adopt modern technologies such as Machine Learning, AI and Cognitive Science. Consequently, assembling the right blend of data from disparate sources using agile and flexible techniques like logical data warehousing to create purposeful, accessible insights is one of the greatest strategic tasks before us.
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Ihs infonetics and guest panel service models critical to sdn and nfv automation


The major carrier goals for SDN and NFV are service agility and automation removing manual processes from their service and network operations, from customer order to network reconfiguration to SLA enforcement. Join thought leaders for this webinar.
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Top 10 Technical Things to Know About VMware vSAN


This session provides some technical facts that help you understand how VMware vSAN works, tips on deployment, and a few recommendations for managing an HCI environment powered by vSAN. You'll learn how vSAN stores data and protects data from hardware failures, when storage policy changes impact capacity usage, where to assess the health of an HCI cluster, and much more.
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VR Collaboration Empowers Facility Design And Project Management

In this Recorded On-Demand Virtual Reality Training, attendees will get hands-on experience using VR Collaboration to empower facility design and project management. Participants will witness first-hand how VR collaboration reduces rework and keeps projects on schedule. This recorded on-demand workshop also gives an idea on use of virtual reality in project management. Attendees will also learn how to leverage as-built information to guide design changes during the Construction Phase. And how to leverage a digital model after project completion to facilitate virtual walkthroughs and Training Applications.
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