Three Advanced Storage Use Cases for VMware Cloud on AWS

Solve real problems and take your VMware SDDCs to the next level with full enterprise storage capabilities, delivered in a fully-managed cloud model. Get comprehensive file, block, and object support for private, public, and hybrid clouds. Attend this webinar to learn more and find out how easy it is to get started.
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Demystifying Data Virtualization: Why it’s Now Critical for Your Data Strategy

Data Virtualization has become a critical component of an adaptive and agile enterprise data fabric. It is no longer feasible to replicate data from myriad sources into a central repository, due to the associated costs and the delays in accessing the data. But there are common misconceptions around Data Virtualization and how it works.
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Maximizing Data Lake ROI with Data Virtualization: A Technical Demonstration

Companies with corporate data lakes also need a strategy for how to best integrate them with their overall data fabric. To take full advantage of a data lake, data architects must determine what data belongs in the Lake vs. other sources, how end users are going to find and connect to the data they need as well as the best way to leverage the processing power of the data lake. This webinar will provide you with a deep dive look at how the Denodo Platform for data virtualization enables companies to maximize their investment in their corporate data lake. Watch on-demand this webinar to learn: How to create a logical data fabric with Denodo How to leverage the a data lake for MPP Acceleration and Summary Views How to leverage Presto with Denodo for file based data lakes (ie. S3, ADLS, HDFS, etc.)
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Streamline IP address and DNS operations with Infoblox and VMware


VMware and Infoblox have teamed up to eliminate the manual processes and custom scripts. Join Neeraj and Tony for this live webinar and learn how to optimize your VMware Cloud and NSX deployments by leveraging IP address and DNS provisioning as part of your automation and orchestration workflows.
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Uncovering the Manufacturing Security Risks in Today’s Hybrid Working and Industry 4.0

Managing cyber risk is now a business imperative for manufacturing organizations to enjoy the benefits of Industry 4.0 and/or the move to long term hybrid working without falling victim to debilitating, expensive and public cyberattacks. As sophisticated threats including ransomware gangs and state-sponsored actors identify manufacturing as a preferred target, manufacturers struggle to respond to this threat with their current security tools and practices.
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