Tips for Passing the VMware vSphere Exam

With VMware’s position as the leader in datacenter virtualization, achieving a VCP certification has become a required step in building a career in IT. Since VMware doesn’t author “exam prep courses,” passing the certification exam will require additional individual study and practical hands-on experience. This webinar will review the courses you need to prepare for the exam and additional resources that will help you pass the VCP-DCV exam.
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The Next Big Thing in Networking & Security for the Multi-cloud Era


Join us to learn how VMware helps turn the IT security battle in favor of defenders with intrinsic security and see how VMware NSX delivers network infrastructure as code to support connectivity and security requirements of todays multi-cloud and telco environments. VMwares newest security solution combines firewalling and workload protection to lock down known good application behavior and reduce the organizations attack surface. NSX technology and VMwares Virtual Cloud Network vision are redefining what networking and security mean in the cloud era.
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Fireside Chat: Edge Computing Vs. Cloud Computing


Is the era of cloud computing coming to an end? Experts predict that cloud computing is gradually making way for the next big thing: Edge. NASSCOM Product Connect and Simplilearn together present this live fireside chat on edge computing and how it stacks up against cloud. Tune in to watch Bernard Golden, Cloud Computing Expert and Anand Narayanan, Chief Product Officer at Simplilearn discuss this latest technology.
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Protecting Workloads in Amazon Web Services


There’s no question that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the “big dog” amongst public cloud vendors. With a market share of over 60%, many companies look at AWS first when making a decision to adopt public cloud. A big question that users ask during this process is, “How can I protect my data in AWS?”
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Automating the Creation and Use of Virtual Testing Environments


Balancing needed testing against the spiraling costs of the required infrastructure and challenges with the deployment of your code can be a real obstacle to even the best development and quality management teams. But with a little strategy and the right tools, it’s fairly easy to overcome these obstacles to delivering better software faster.
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