UDS Enterprise 2.2.1


The UDS Enterprise Team organized past Tuesday 19th March the Webinar Whats new in UDS Enterprise 2.2.1 VDI connection broker to showcase the new features added to the latest version of this software for virtualization of Windows and Linux desktops and applications. In the session, a comprehensive technical demo of the important improvements introduced in UDS Enterprise 2.2.1 was performed. All the recommended steps and configurations were shown to manage and deploy virtual desktops and applications hosted in Microsoft Azure.
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Hoje vou ensinar como tirar o erro que aparece na hora de incializar o mec os x no VMware Materiais %PROGRAMDATA%\VMware\VMware Workstation\ VMware Workstation unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0) ERRO Resolvido


Consolidate Unstructured Data into NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP with Talon FAST™


Large enterprises with global reach can have massive amounts of data stored in distributed locations in multiple geographies, with varying types of storage architectures. To use that data effectively, it has to come together. With Talon FAST’s Intelligent File Caching software, NetApp storage users, including Cloud Volumes ONTAP deployments on AWS and Azure, can now consolidate unstructured data into a single repository. Join us for this on-demand webinar and we'll show you how Talon FAST and Cloud Volumes ONTAP allow you to transform the way unstructured data is used in our latest webinar.
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Living on the Edge - New techniques for protecting data in the Era of IIoT


The “Things” of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will show their true value when actionable business intelligence information can be pulled from the data they provide. However, current analytics products are only the tip of the iceberg. As the future approaches, next generation analytics and artificial intelligence technologies will support data and real time decision making at the point of production.
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At the edge of next-gen revenue creation: 5G, MEC, and IoT virtualized service delivery

IHS Inc.

Operator networks are changing in significant ways. The edge is the natural target for new revenue creation from end-user services and applications that are based on edge-located virtualized elements of mobile infrastructure and powerful compute capabilities for multi-access edge compute (MEC). Service providers must make critical architectural decisions to optimize network hardware/software infrastructure for the high-capacity, low-latency traffic demands of 5G, IoT, and an array of edge-based applications.
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Cybersecurity Insurance

We are seeing more and more occurrences of ransomware and an increase of the damage being done - like the recent Colonial Pipeline attack. As a result, Cybersecurity Insurance providers are tightening their requirements and costs at renewal time. This is causing a perfect storm for many organizations. This on-demand webinar covers the new requirements we’re seeing. We also discuss options to utilize Microsoft technologies, which you may already own, to meet those requirements and help keep your organization safe through reduced risk.
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