Vantage Virtualization


Virtualization trends of our customers Review of virtualization technology approaches Comparison of on-prem, public cloud, and SaaS Vantage phase 1 virtualization Future virtualization considerations Pricing options and challenges Q&A and open discussion.
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As data centers become more distributed at the edge a new architectural approach for SDN, network virtualization and analytics is required.


Creating a cloud-native transformation at scale


Smart companies are adopting cloud-native practices to move fast and stay resilient. But, what does an innovative cloud-native strategy look like at scale? And, can your organization successfully roll out these new practices to dozen (even thousands) of IT professionals.
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Virtualization AND Containers with Kubernetes


Let’s explore the basics of Kubernetes clusters, including the many layers composed of both virtualization and containers that make every single cloud based Kubernetes cluster possible. We can dig into the pros and cons of both sets of tools, and consider the possibilities for the future. What would a Kubernetes cluster using only virtualization look like? What would the advantages and disadvantages be? Together we’ll wrap our heads more tightly around the technologies that are defining cloud native.
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Deep Dive into vRealize Operations Capacity Management


You use vRealize Operations for all of your capacity management needs trending, watching for shortages, cost, planning, etc.. Ever wonder how it all works or what everything in the UI means? In this session, we will talk about capacity planning, settings, and metrics so you can better understand how you can get the most out of it We will specifically focus on the latest releases and show how upgrading to the latest version can help you with your capacity planning needs. We will show you all the bells and whistles, share best practices and proven techniques, and in the end our experts will be available for Q&A session, so please come prepared with your questions.
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Webinar: Virtualizing Next-Generation Access Beyond SD-WAN


Virtualizing next-generation access is about more than SD-WAN. It’s about enabling the next generation of virtualized network functions. While other vendors sell a single SD-WAN appliance, Dell EMC and ADVA have formally partnered to offer more than 50 commercial VNFs (Virtual Network Functions). These VNF are hosted on Dell EMC’s innovative Virtual Edge Platform, which is a universal CPE.
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