Virtualization AND Containers with Kubernetes

Let’s explore the basics of Kubernetes clusters, including the many layers composed of both virtualization and containers that make every single cloud based Kubernetes cluster possible. We can dig into the pros and cons of both sets of tools, and consider the possibilities for the future. What would a Kubernetes cluster using only virtualization look like? What would the advantages and disadvantages be? Together we’ll wrap our heads more tightly around the technologies that are defining cloud native.
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Data Virtualization: An Introduction

In this webinar we intend to help you understand not only what Data Virtualization is but why it's a critical component of any organization's data fabric and how it fits. How data virtualization liberates and empowers your business users via data discovery, data wrangling to generation of reusable reporting objects and data services. Digital transformation demands that we empower all consumers of data within the organization, it also demands agility too. Data Virtualization gives you meaningful access to information that can be shared by a myriad of consumers.
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Data Virtualization – Separating Myth from Reality

Data virtualization is a practice that logically integrates data from disparate sources without the need to physically move the data. While this can be an appealing prospect, there is a good deal of confusion around this technology and how to use it to full advantage. This webinar will explain the pros and cons of data virtualization, along with practical use cases for implementation.
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Living on the Edge - New techniques for protecting data in the Era of IIoT


The “Things” of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will show their true value when actionable business intelligence information can be pulled from the data they provide. However, current analytics products are only the tip of the iceberg. As the future approaches, next generation analytics and artificial intelligence technologies will support data and real time decision making at the point of production.
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Telco Cloud: Drive Innovation, Success, and Profitability in the 5G Era


Networks by leveraging Digital transformation is the new imperative. CSPs worldwide are on a journey to cloudify their software-defined platforms that provide agility and efficiency, streamline operations, expand revenue opportunities, and support advanced technologies like 5G and network functions virtualization (NFV).
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