VMware Learning Zone: New Features for Learners

Increase your VMW skills at your own pace with personalized VMware Learning Zone (VLZ) Learning Paths, technical classes taught by VMware Certified instructors, and insights from fellow learners in our VLZ communities. This will be a hands-on demo of new features and resources such as prerequisite ICM on-demand classes as well as exam prep content, all now available in VLZ to help you develop your product expertise or prepare for your VMware certification exam.
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How Virtualization Protects Your High-Value Assets


Networks and devices will keep getting compromised. You need a strategy to protect your most critical applications and assets.Bromium Protected App protects your high-value assets (HVAs) against compromised devices.On October 23, 2018, analysts from voke, Inc. and Bromium will discuss how organizations can use Bromium Protected App as a practical way to separate sensitive applications and data from risky systems, while still giving employees the access they need.
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Securing Your SD-WAN in a Cloudy World

Today’s cloud-first enterprise must securely connect their workers to their applications, no matter where their applications may live. Only by transforming both the WAN edge and security architectures can the full promise of the cloud be fully realized. SD-WAN is your opportunity to re-architect, design and build a network that’s secure and fit for the future. Teneo can help to make this a clear reality in our cloudy world.
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Desktop Virtualization: Delivering a Powerful Employee Experience, From Strategy to Production

Explore how Nexthink’s Desktop Virtualization initiative can empower IT teams with the control, visibility and actionable insight needed to successfully manage their virtualization lifecycle. By correlating technical metrics with employee sentiment data, Nexthink provides employee-centric visibility to measure, manage and improve employees’ virtualization experience.
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Mastering Azure Virtual Desktop: Webinar with Ryan Mangan

Azure Virtual Desktop is a cloud desktop virtualization platform that securely delivers virtual desktops and remote applications. It can be integrated with Parallels RAS® to deploy virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions in a secure, fast, and reliable cloud environment.
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